NeuroDisco is a mind-controlled music, light and sculpture installation that I am working on in collaboration with composer (and husband) Richard Warp and neuroscientist and wearable tech designer Chung-Hay Luk. We are using the Emotiv EEG headset to measure emotional and cognitive states in the player (the “EEGJ”) which we used to curate and generate musical beats and control the lights in a giant 7 foot neuron.

Here are the deets: EEG measures the electrical activity of the brain through the scalp. As the EEGJ becomes excited, frustrated or meditative, their emotional state is detected with the Emotiv EEG headset, which wirelessly transmits the signal to a laptop. Interactive music software Max/MSP maps this emotional state to different rhythmic textures and patterns of light whose feel, color and tempo reflect the mood of the EEGJ.  At the same time, the EEGJ can use trained cognitive commands to generate various musical layers over the beat that vary in sophistication according to the strength of the EEG signal.  Lighting is visualized through 600 LED lights controlled by an Arduino. It is then organically diffused through a latex coating on the 7-ft tall neuron.

If you are interested in having NeuroDisco at your exhibition or event, get in touch!


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