In February 2012, I founded Kizoom, Inc. with good friend and developer Jessica Voytek to help kids “know and grow” their brains. We are using relatable characters and interactive technology to make neuroscience and brain awareness exciting and approachable for kids. I think neuroscience is a great “gateway science” to get kids excited in STEM subjects. They can relate to it directly, everyone thinks brains are cool, and¬†neuroscience is interdisciplinary, so¬†getting a kid excited about brain science automatically gets them interested in biology, physics, chemistry, and psychology, and applied fields like engineering and computer science.

Our first product, The Adventures of Ned the Neuron, was released in October 2012 and is an iPad app that tells the story of Ned the Neuron while introducing kids to concepts about how the brain works. It’s like if the Muppets jumped inside a neuroscience textbook. We were lucky to work with some super talented people for the project including illustrator Andy Warner, composer Richard Warp and voice talents Jeff Jorgensen, Tiffany Edward and Karen Lundin and get the support of many fans on Kickstarter.

Our next project will be released early Fall 2013 and I am very excited about it! So stay tuned for Ned 2.0!

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